Juli 2016

Docker, Clojure, Microservices, Google (and Alfresco): Introducing ECM Google Services

There are Google Vision „modules“ available for Alfresco and Nuxeo and most likely other systems as well. These modules execute Google API Java code in process. They need to ensure the API along with its tree of dependencies is right there. Dependency trees can be huge and cause all sorts of nasty issues. I decided to try a microservice approach – adding Docker and Clojure to the mix. … Lies mehr

Who killed CMIS?

CMIS came along aiming to standardize interoperability around content. I have never been a fan and always found CMIS cumbersome to work with – avoided it when I was given the choice. JavaScript folks did not care about it and the JSON bindings introduced at v1.1 didn’t change that. Meanwhile, it seems CMIS died silently.
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Angular is the new ECM UI Hype

Love it or hate it, but Angular is winning the Enterprise by storm. AngularBeans came first, now ECM vendors are also betting on it. … Lies mehr

Alfresco Share needs Love: Let’s save it!

Alfresco Share is an extensible, battle-tested collaboration application(!) which covers a lot of functionality. It is surely not the most awesome dev experience, but minor customizations can usually be implemented easily, more complicated ones are possible. Unfortunately, Alfresco Share is in trouble. … Lies mehr