Alfresco Workflow meets Extended Datalists

Workflow in Alfresco is not very user friendly. The user interface is not designed to handle tasks and processes at scale. We are trying to change that. This post is about our first steps and the lessons learned along the way. … Lies mehr

Alfresco: Handling „LibreOffice not responding“

Alfresco Community uses LibreOffice for various content transformations. From time to time, certain transformations screw the Office server process in a way that it stops responding to requests. The extension introduced in this post provides an automated recovery process.
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Solr 4 Bugfix for Alfresco 5.0.b

I have been hit by issues with the Solr 4 system shipping with Alfresco 5.0.b. For me it surfaced as ACE-3037 (‚Category Root‘ is empty on the Admin tools page), but there seem to be further problems (ALF-21127 and ACE-2950). This post provides a bugfix for the brave. … Lies mehr

Alfresco Share – lokale Berechtigungen im Site-Kontext

Vor einigen Wochen sind wir in unserem Post „Alfresco Share – Achtung bei lokalen Berechtigungen auf Ordnern und Inhalten“ darauf eingegangen, dass es innerhalb einer Share Site out of the box möglich ist, Berechtigungen an User und Gruppen zu vergeben die nicht Mitglieder der Site sind. An sitespezifische Systemgruppen (SiteCollaborator, SiteConsumer, SiteContributor, SiteManager) konnten keine lokalen Rechte vergeben werden.

Unser aktuelles add-on ermöglicht die Vergabe lokaler Berechtigungen auf sitespezifische Systemgruppen (SiteCollaborator, SiteConsumer, SiteContributor, SiteManager), Site Mitglieder, Site Gruppen und sitespezifische Gruppen (Contentreich add-on). … Lies mehr

Alfresco Share Search AND Drop-In Fix

Google tought us to expect search combining terms using logical AND by default. Search results for „apples and oranges“ at Google match both terms. Users get confused when terms get ORed by default so that more terms yield more results. For some reason, the latter applies to the Alfresco repository Javascript search which is used by various components. This post provides a drop-in fix for the issue. … Lies mehr