Cloud first Uneasiness in Contentland

All the services are going Cloud first. For good reason. The Cloud can scale things – revenue included. But Cloud first has various  consequences downstream. This post is about consequences making people feel uneasy and what can be done about it. … Lies mehr

Alfresco for SMBs: Fresh Challenges

Alfresco recently announced a lot of big changes coming in our way. In this post, I’d like to focus and add my two cents to those which are likely relevant and „not so great“ if you fall into the category of small and medium sized businesses operating Alfresco on premise. … Lies mehr

Dropbox Problem : Beware ! The Toy may be Lightyears ahead

Recently it seems to me everybody and their dog is solving „The Enterprise Dropbox Problem“. I am tired of reading about it – unless you clearly state what this means for you and how your solution addresses the problem. The word „solution“ suggests to me you have come up with something ready to replace Dropbox in the enterprise – providing similar functionality, without restrictions in scope and even addressing enterprise concerns on top. All tools I have tried failed when replication and sync come into play. … Lies mehr

Is Google Drive becoming a Threat for Enterprise Content Management ?

Google Drive will never be threat to ECM because of the lack of trust in Google and the cloud in general. This seems to be the killer argument and common sense. On top of that, it is missing frequently required features. Are these old arguments actually reasonable today ? … Lies mehr