Who killed CMIS?

CMIS came along aiming to standardize interoperability around content. I have never been a fan and always found CMIS cumbersome to work with – avoided it when I was given the choice. JavaScript folks did not care about it and the JSON bindings introduced at v1.1 didn’t change that. Meanwhile, it seems CMIS died silently.
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Alfresco REST API Explorer: Great, but wait!

Up until now, I use Alfresco out of the box Webscripts based „tooling“ for REST service exploration. It feels a bit outdated and cumbersome – especially after playing with Nuxeo API playground last year – which made me jealous. A few days ago, Alfresco announced that its new REST API Explorer product is live. This post is about my impression of the tool after giving it a spin. … Lies mehr

Is Google Drive becoming a Threat for Enterprise Content Management ?

Google Drive will never be threat to ECM because of the lack of trust in Google and the cloud in general. This seems to be the killer argument and common sense. On top of that, it is missing frequently required features. Are these old arguments actually reasonable today ? … Lies mehr

CMIS Praxis – Erfahrungen einer Jungfernfahrt

In ECM Kreisen ist die Zukunft des CMIS Standards („SQL für Content Management“) aktuell offenbar ein sehr beliebtes Thema. Das Spektrum der Meinungen ist breit und reicht von „tot“ bis zu „heiligem Grahl“. Was die Spekulation über die Zukunft von … Lies mehr