Generic Brute Force SQL-Search – Groovy Style

Assume you are given a rdbms schema you are not familiar with and you are wondering where a piece of information is stored. This post introduces a groovy approach to find a given string in any string type text column in any rdbms. … Lies mehr

Extending Alfresco FormService with Optimistic Locking

Optimistic locking is a commonly used concurrency control method for web applications. It is so frequently needed that frameworks such as Grails use it by default. Alfresco FormService does not support it out of the box. This may cause unexpected results. This post outlines an approach to change the system in order to get something „close to“ optimistic locking behavior. … Lies mehr

Alfresco Entities and Relationships [infographics]

There are various situations where it helps understanding underlying persistent data structures. It can help understanding the code working on top of them and solve problems of various kinds. To gain / improve my understanding of alfresco, I created an entity relationship diagram. Grab it if you want. :) … Lies mehr