Webpack meets the JVM

Some aspects of web-development are only covered by Node/Webpack based tooling because there simply is no decent tooling on other runtimes. Do those who want to keep the JVM runtime need a separate Node process? What are the tradeoffs? This post looks at Webpack from the JVM side of things, but similar concerns may arise elsewhere. … Lies mehr

Badass Alfresco JavaScript Console

I love a fast feedback loop. Hence, I love scripting and throwing code at running applications.
This post is about some tweaks I made to the Alfresco JavaScript Console in order to ease management and sharing of scripting code. … Lies mehr

ClojureScript: Legacy’s Journey to outer Space

A small excerpt of Legacy’s journey meeting ClojureScript, Cider, Figwheel, Reagent and other alien technology in outer space.

Music: feel by ParadoxicIll (via