Docker, Clojure, Microservices, Google (and Alfresco): Introducing ECM Google Services

There are Google Vision „modules“ available for Alfresco and Nuxeo and most likely other systems as well. These modules execute Google API Java code in process. They need to ensure the API along with its tree of dependencies is right there. Dependency trees can be huge and cause all sorts of nasty issues. I decided to try a microservice approach – adding Docker and Clojure to the mix. … Lies mehr

Alfresco REST API Explorer: Great, but wait!

Up until now, I use Alfresco out of the box Webscripts based „tooling“ for REST service exploration. It feels a bit outdated and cumbersome – especially after playing with Nuxeo API playground last year – which made me jealous. A few days ago, Alfresco announced that its new REST API Explorer product is live. This post is about my impression of the tool after giving it a spin. … Lies mehr