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State of the Alfresco Community

Alfresco Community

The Alfresco community as a whole does not work like it should for me. I would like to have a Community where people collaborate and help each other. I rarely see this happen in the Alfresco world. This post summarizes why I think the things are like they are and where we stand. … Lies mehr

Experimental Virtual Alfresco Meetup

Meeting  in Barts treehouse

I found a fair bit of content at Alfresco meetups, Devcon and Summit not relevant. Maybe that is just how things are and I should accept that the “typical” Alfresco Enterprise 10k+ employee customer differs quite a bit from the people we are dealing with. However, now is the time I would like to find out whether there are people with interests somewhat similar to ours by holding a community driven virtual meetup. … Lies mehr

WordPress : A Java Fanboys Red Pill

Neo from picking the red pill

I have been a Java Fanboy since its early days. I considered PHP a toy language for script kiddies, avoided it as much as possible and addressed problems with my golden hammer JVM instead. Revisiting today, it can actually be even ridiculous to pick a JVM based solution instead of PHP. This post is about one common case – a public website. … Lies mehr