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State of the Alfresco Community

Alfresco Community

The Alfresco community as a whole does not work like it should for me. I would like to have a Community where people collaborate and help each other. I rarely see this happen in the Alfresco world. This post summarizes why I think the things are like they are and where we stand. … Lies mehr

Experimental Virtual Alfresco Meetup

Meeting  in Barts treehouse

I found a fair bit of content at Alfresco meetups, Devcon and Summit not relevant. Maybe that is just how things are and I should accept that the “typical” Alfresco Enterprise 10k+ employee customer differs quite a bit from the people we are dealing with. However, now is the time I would like to find out whether there are people with interests somewhat similar to ours by holding a community driven virtual meetup. … Lies mehr

WordPress : A Java Fanboys Red Pill

Neo from picking the red pill

I have been a Java Fanboy since its early days. I considered PHP a toy language for script kiddies, avoided it as much as possible and addressed problems with my golden hammer JVM instead. Revisiting today, it can actually be even ridiculous to pick a JVM based solution instead of PHP. This post is about one common case – a public website. … Lies mehr

Agile erste Schritte mit Alfresco ECM

Picture of a baby making first steps

Enterprise Content Management Systeme (ECMS) versprechen Unterstützung bei vielen Themen im Umgang mit Dokumenten. Aber Features bringen Komplexitität mit sich. Wie kann man sich als Alfresco Einsteiger der Herausforderung ECM stellen ? … Lies mehr