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WordPress : A Java Fanboys Red Pill

Neo from picking the red pill

I have been a Java Fanboy since its early days. I considered PHP a toy language for script kiddies, avoided it as much as possible and addressed problems with my golden hammer JVM instead. Revisiting today, it can actually be even ridiculous to pick a JVM based solution instead of PHP. This post is about one common case – a public website. … Lies mehr

Agile erste Schritte mit Alfresco ECM

Picture of a baby making first steps

Enterprise Content Management Systeme (ECMS) versprechen Unterstützung bei vielen Themen im Umgang mit Dokumenten. Aber Features bringen Komplexitität mit sich. Wie kann man sich als Alfresco Einsteiger der Herausforderung ECM stellen ? … Lies mehr

Alfresco Extended Datalists migrated to 4.0

Todo List

The Alfresco Datalist Extensions for Share provide extended functionality like versioning of list items, comments, ID generation, support for long text, “frictionless upload & attach”, XLS export and filtering. All very helpful features when you are it seriously at a certain scale. The original author Jan Pfitzner did not get the chance to migrate the code hosted at google. I took the challenge when he delegated a recent enquiry. … Lies mehr

This is not Daddy’s Open Source !

Photo of a hippie church

Everybody and his mom loves success – and hence Open Source. But your Open Source today may be unlike your daddy’s bazaar style projects. This post is about the understanding of the “Single-Vendor Commercial” model.
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