Andreas Steffan

Pragmatic Chief 🚀 Scientist @ Contentreich - Simple, fast and open. I believe in Open Source, the Open Web and Linux. I freelance in DevOps-, Cloud-, Kubernetes, JVM- and Contentland and speak Clojure, Kotlin, Groovy, Go, Python, JavaScript, Java, Alfresco and WordPress - All things automated. I ❤️ Emacs.

So Nobody is selling WordPress Themes with Sources?

WordPress theme choice is endless. There are offerings addressing people who don’t care about code and just want a beautiful site out quickly, and there are frameworks like Genesis and starter kits like Sage aiming at developers. There appears to be a match for everybody … Lies mehr

Cloud first Uneasiness in Contentland

All the services are going Cloud first. For good reason. The Cloud can scale things – revenue included. But Cloud first has various  consequences downstream. This post is about consequences making people feel uneasy and what can be done about it. … Lies mehr