WordPress : A Java Fanboys Red Pill

I have been a Java Fanboy since its early days. I considered PHP a toy language for script kiddies, avoided it as much as possible and addressed problems with my golden hammer JVM instead. Revisiting today, it can actually be even ridiculous to pick a JVM based solution instead of PHP. This post is about one common case – a public website. … Lies mehr

Extending Alfresco FormService with Optimistic Locking

Optimistic locking is a commonly used concurrency control method for web applications. It is so frequently needed that frameworks such as Grails use it by default. Alfresco FormService does not support it out of the box. This may cause unexpected results. This post outlines an approach to change the system in order to get something „close to“ optimistic locking behavior. … Lies mehr

Alfresco WCM Experiences

We were always interested in web content mangement. Alfresco appeared on our radar in 2007. Its technical foundation looked very solid so we had a first closer look at its WCM capabilities. At the end of 2008 an alfresco WCM prospect approached us and we had our second look … … Lies mehr

Die eigene Website (2009)

Ein Thema was viel zu lange liegengeblieben ist weil Kundenprojekte immer Vorrang hatten. Die Geschichte unserer Site … … Lies mehr