AsciiDoc in Alfresco Share

Poking around with AsciiDoc again. We think it hits a sweet spot somewhere between Markdown and LaTex. It definitely enables decent quality output in a ton of formats. Pretty sure it makes sense in Alfresco Share context. In fact, we have been using it in Share to write technical documentation for a while (Inspired by Loftux Manual Manager). We feel it should be treated somewhat similar to HTML – w/o OpenOffice preview rendering ?.

Update 04/22/2016
AsciiDoc preview is working.


Über Andreas Steffan

Chief ? Scientist @ Contentreich : Complexity is ugly - I like things straight, fast, simple and open. I believe in true Open Source, the Open Web and Linux. I freelance in JVM- and Content-Management land. My preferences are Clojure, Kotlin, Groovy, JavaScript, Java, Alfresco and WordPress. I ? Containers. Emacs is my religion.

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