Alfresco Share needs Love: Let’s save it!

Alfresco Share is an extensible, battle-tested collaboration application(!) which covers a lot of functionality. It is surely not the most awesome dev experience, but minor customizations can usually be implemented easily, more complicated ones are possible. Unfortunately, Alfresco Share is in trouble. … Lies mehr

Alfresco Web Presentation Tier: Developers Menu

Working with the Alfresco presentation tier can be overwhelming. There is a lot on the table to choose from and more options are popping up frequently these days. But which path do you take? What are the pros and cons? This post summarizes my 2c on choice in web based technologies targeting Alfresco. … Lies mehr

AsciiDoc in Alfresco Share

Poking around with AsciiDoc again. We think it hits a sweet spot somewhere between Markdown and LaTex. It definitely enables decent quality output in a ton of formats. Pretty sure it makes sense in Alfresco Share context … Lies mehr

Multi-Actions in Alfresco Search


A little tricky to implement today. The (ObjectFinder based) tag picker (which works in the document library as well) being the extra hurdle. Hopefully multi-actions on search results will be shipping with Share in the future.

Alfresco Share – lokale Berechtigungen im Site-Kontext

Vor einigen Wochen sind wir in unserem Post „Alfresco Share – Achtung bei lokalen Berechtigungen auf Ordnern und Inhalten“ darauf eingegangen, dass es innerhalb einer Share Site out of the box möglich ist, Berechtigungen an User und Gruppen zu vergeben die nicht Mitglieder der Site sind. An sitespezifische Systemgruppen (SiteCollaborator, SiteConsumer, SiteContributor, SiteManager) konnten keine lokalen Rechte vergeben werden.

Unser aktuelles add-on ermöglicht die Vergabe lokaler Berechtigungen auf sitespezifische Systemgruppen (SiteCollaborator, SiteConsumer, SiteContributor, SiteManager), Site Mitglieder, Site Gruppen und sitespezifische Gruppen (Contentreich add-on). … Lies mehr