Thinking ECM outside your products box

Calling for Alfresco and Nuxeo Nerd Hangout Participants

Thinking ECM outside your products box

As an Alfresco engineer punk, Nuxeo has been on my radar for quite a while. Always wanted to try it out, look outside my box and write a comparison. But even if you just focus on the core ECM services (search, model, workflow, security, …), working out a decent comparison is a lot of work. On top of that, you are most likely biased.

While thinking about it, I realized that I am also curious about the people behind Nuxeo, their mindset and the community in general.

Hoping to find first qualified answers quickly, I started considering a Google-Hangout (not on air and limited to 10 participants). Assuming we find somewhat similar minded people in Nuxeo-Land, I’d love to discuss tech-matters and think outside the box. If possible, I would prefer to have an equal amount of participants from both parties. I don’t consider it important that participants are employees of the companies behind the products.

I have not yet worked out a full agenda and I am very open to suggestions. So far, I could imagine the following items for the hangout:

  • Very brief introduction of the company, the community and the ecosystem
  • Technical/Nerd product elevator pitch
  • Introduction and discussion of ECM core services and their implementation

Today, I learned about The Lobby unconference:

… the conference is designed to encourage open and honest conversation among an amazing group of attendees.

That’s is pretty much the spirit of the hangout I’d like to have.

Regarding the timeframe, I am targeting end of November.

Are you a passionate, experienced Alfresco or Nuxeo engineer willing to share your thoughts? I’d like you to join in. Please get in touch with me!

Update 02.11.2015

Serving actual demand with the hangout is a high priority for me. Curiosity seems to be one.

Over the weekend, I have been thinking about how to structure the hangout. For now, I assume we want it to be „camp-symmetric“ (I still hope we will see Nuxeo people showing up and taking the last seats).

The following is what I came up with:

  • 10 x 1 Minute : Personal Intro
  • 2 x 5 Minutes : Company Intro
  • 2 x 15 Minutes : Elevator Pitches / Questions
  • 2 x 15 Minutes : Community and Culture / Questions
  • 2 x 10 Minutes : Architecture / Core Services Overview
  • 60 Minutes (Remainder) : Q & A

I would prefer to have questions answered spontaneously and hence, not post them publically in advance.

If you are willing to take the stage for the Elevator Pitch, the Company Intro or one of the other items, please let me know.

Please also let me know whether you are happy with those suggestions or what you would like to see covered / changed.

PS: Personally, I am very curious where people put emphasis. Besides, I have quite a few coarse grained questions for the Q & A part.

Stay tuned.

Update 03.11.2015

As for pinpointing the exact date, I will soon be sending out a doodle to the participants. I am aiming at early evening CET / early morning PST. If somebody on the list can not make it for some reason, I’ll happily offer the seat to somebody else.

Thierry mentioned we could potentially be faced with technical issues due to network latency and things along those lines. Hence, I would appreciate everybody making sure to be on a decent internet connection.

Thierry also commented that ten minutes may not be a lot for the architectural overview. That’s true, but I think keeping things brief helps spotting emphasis. Besides, I am so far planning to follow up with the Q & A, and I expect architecture related questions to come up first anyways. However, the agenda is not set in stone. We can easily extend that „presentation part“ to 15 or even 20 minutes if desired by the majority.

Other than that, looking at my personal list of questions, I realize that most (if not all) are related to my personal (coarse grained) pain points, and I would like to direct them at both camps. I understand that people might be touchy here, but I still feel it should be allowed to ask those kind of questions in a respectful way. I also think it is quite natural they come up here. And after all, this is all about an honest, open and respectful tech discussion, right?

Finally, I am fine with making the outcome public afterwards – but only if everybody agrees. When in doubt, a truly open discussion matters more to me.

Update 17.11.2015

The doodle is over and the date is fixed now. The hangout will be on Fr, 4th at 17:00 CET.

Not all people who commented here will be joining. I now have four seats to offer to anybody who is interested. I do not consider „having something to say“ a prerequisite. So if you are interested and would like to jump in – drop me a line.

As nobody else volunteered and as things are standing now, I will be presenting for Alfresco (assuming the Nuxeo guys still like hear about it). However, I would appreciate it if we find a another volunteer.

The agenda posted is not set in stone, and I am willing to change timings on demand.

Personally, I am still very curious.

Andreas Steffan
Pragmatic ? Scientist and DevOps Mind @ Contentreich. Believes in Open Source, the Open Web and Linux. Freelancing in DevOps-, Cloud-, Kubernetes, JVM- and Contentland and speaks Clojure, Kotlin, Groovy, Go, Python, JavaScript, Java, Alfresco and WordPress. Built infrastructure before it was cool. ❤️ Emacs.

14 thoughts on “Calling for Alfresco and Nuxeo Nerd Hangout Participants”

  1. To Alfresco people, Nuxeo has always been ‚that other‘ open source content management platform. Lately I’ve seen an increase in the number of Alfresco people who are curious about Nuxeo, so a hangout where we can learn more about it should be interesting.

  2. Would very much appreciate to see you there, Jeff.

    Just had a quick chat with Nuxeo CTO Thierry Delprat. He said that Florent and himself are ready to join the conversation.

    I’ll wait for the first „wave“ of feedback to settle and keep you guys posted.

  3. Very happy to have you guys joining.

    As things currently stand, I have the following people in: Jeff, Gab, Ole, Richard, Bindu, Thierry, Florent and myself. Given that we have a limit of ten participants, we now have two seats left. I mentioned in the post, I’d prefer to have an even distribution of people from both camps. It is also about getting to know the „other“ people. Hence, I’d now give preference to people from the Nuxeo camp. In any case, I’d like to have all seats taken. So please still let me know if you would like to join – no matter from which camp you are.

    As for the timing, I think we should plan for two hours. I will try my best to organize the hangout to keep it focused, in time and get all topics covered and questions answered.

    No matter whether you plan to participate or not: Please feel free to keep sending feedback or questions you’d like to see covered.

    In the post, I also mentioned I’d like to see a very (very) brief introduction of the companies, the community, the ecosystem, and a „nerd (to nerd) elevator pitch“. I could try and do that for Alfresco, but I feel somebody else should take the stage. ;) Any volunteers?

    Stay tuned

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